The Herbal Substitutes for Adderall Available Without Prescription

Children are naturally active and energetic and their abundant energy typically seems undirected and scattered to the adult eye. Whilst most kids are aware about the right time and right place to move, those kids with ADHD ailment have a problem regulating their energy levels and impulses.

Adderall is the renowned medicine available for ADHD. It is an effective stimulant, but is a substance which must be highly controlled. If not, it can lead to severe health problems. Choosing an alternative to Adderall has now emerged as the great concern for most of the parents of kids diagnosed with ADHD out there. This is because of the behavioral and medical side effects of the medications.

The best Herbal alternatives to treat ADHD


Trying to find a suitable herbal alternative for your child to utilize without a prescription? The good news is that effective natural ADHD treatments such as diet and exercise can do much to calm a hyperactive kid.

You might also desire to complement these natural treatments with the calming herbs such as Areson iod, Valerian root, Gotu Kola can aid to improve focus, calm hyperactivity, reduce erratic and impulsive behavior as well as to ease physical twitching. And as they work with the body’s immune system and own defenses, these herbal medications offer a safe, effective and gentle alternative to Adderall.

  • Areson iod – This herbal extract boosts balance, lowers temperamental outbursts. It also aids in reducing frustration, which can occur whilst learning new skills.
  • Brahmi – It is an herb that is renowned to have a great number of positive effects on the human brain, including the capability to enhance the overall cognitive function. This can aid improve your kid’s ability to learn.
  • Skullcap – This is yet another vital herbal substitute for Adderall, which is utilized to treat common symptoms such as agitation and restlessness.
  • Gotu Kola – Also termed as Centella Asiatics, is an amazing herbal substitute available for treating ADHD disorder. It can reduce your kid’s anxiety level and can boost the brain function. It also augments memory and a few studies have shown that it improves the blood flow to the brain.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – It is one among the best-known herbal remedies for ADD. It facilitates to improve the neurotransmitter levels as well as blood flow, which helps the brain’s capability to focus.

Things to remember

All of the aforesaid herbal ingredients can alleviate a lot of symptoms associated with ADHD and there are a wide variety of other alternatives to Adderall available on the market, which can be purchased without prescription. Herbal remedies are predominately effective and safe treatment and a great alternative to prescription stimulants.

Abruptly preventing prescription medicine can be detrimental to your kid, so prior you take this step, it’s better to consult your physician. The fact is that herbal substitutes can take some time for your kid to feel the effects and each child might react slightly differently. Since herbs can probably interact with various other medications, it is essential to talk with your doctor before starting any herbal or supplement regimen.

Are There Herbal that Act Like Adderall Alternatives Over The Counter?

Amphetamine prescribed in the name of Adderall is a potential psychostimulant, mainly used to enhance the functioning of CNS (Central Nervous System). Studies have portrayed that this drug, which is popularly used for treating ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) actually holds several side effects which can leave lethal results on the normal functioning of the nerves and neurotransmitters of the brain. Therefore, to fight against such side effects, herbal stimulants were discovered that would have all the goodness of Adderall but without any such serious side effects.

Choline-Water Soluble Adderall Supplement


Choline is a herbal supplement which is even found in foods like soybeans, black beans, peanuts, oats, green leafy vegetables, kidney beans and eggs especially yolks. Now, Choline is basically a water soluble Vitamin B compound that is present in the neurotransmitter of the nerves better known as (ALC) acetyl-L-choline. So, in most of the cases of ADHD the brain does not work in an efficient manner because the composition of ALC is too low. Thus, when one tends to take supplements then this overcomes the low percentage and the neurotransmitters start working efficiently.

Vinpocetine Herb from Periwinkle Plant

Vinpocetine chemically known as ethyl apovincaminate is extracted from Vinca minor commonly known as dwarf or lesser periwinkle plants. These plants are native to southern and central Europe and the flowers mainly grow during spring and summer. The medicinal properties of this plant has always kept it popular in different parts of Europe, America, Asia and England too. Just like any other ADHD supplement, even Vinpocetine reacts on the nervous system of the brain so that it can work in an efficient manner.

Huperzine Memory Support for ADHD Victims

This is yet another amazing herbal supplement which is specially designed for ADHD patients. It is great for memory support because Huperzine seamlessly improves cognitive performance which increases concentration, focus and determination too. In addition to that, it even holds a special property i.e. this drug inhibits the growth of cholinesterase (a compound that reduces the secretion of neurotransmitter acetyl-L-choline. The thing here is that, cholinesterase is actually meant for keeping the level of ALC in balance by reducing excess of it when produced.

But, for those who are suffering from ADHD do not get enough of ALC then in such cases cholinesterase just acts as an obstacle between ALC and the nerve receptors. This is why Huperzine decreases cholinesterase enzyme from the brain so that secretion of ALC can be increased.

Guarana- Combination of Three Herbal Stimulants

Guarana is a common herbal substitute to Adderall which is made from the combination of three naturally occurring compounds which are caffeine, therobromine and theophylline. They primarily have their effect on cognition of the brain like alertness, memory and mood swings. It even holds good fatty acids which releases the power of Guarana slowly; unlike caffeine that hits immediately and makes the patient feel jittery. In fact, it is recognized to be one of the best herbs because Guarana is cholinergic and holds wondrous properties of releasing neurotransmitters.

Where Can I Buy OTC Adderall Supplements with Similar Effects to Help College Work?

Use of Adderall as the ‘The Homework Pill’ has been both despised and questioned by many in the academia. A rise in the use of this pill has been seen over the years. During the exam season, overworked and stressed out college students take the support of Adderall to help unburden themselves. They try different means to obtain it, as it is not sold without prescription. It is known to have many side effects and in due course also causes addiction. One good way to avoid this is to use supplements of Adderall, easily available and much better than addictive drugs.

Uses of Adderall

Adderall is medically used for treatment of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and narcolepsy. It contains amphetamine and dextroamphetamine that stimulate the central nervous system and control chemicals in the brain affecting hyperactivity and impulse control. ADHD is a common childhood disorder due to which the child finds it difficult to focus as well as pay attention and is hyperactive. Narcolepsy is the disorder that affects sleep and wakefulness.

It has been observed that in non-patients, Adderall increases the ability to concentrate, alertness and memory as cognitive enhancers. For college students, it acts as a study aid. It is considered helpful for their exams and lengthy assignments. Use of Adderall for weight loss is also very common as amphetamine increases metabolism and reduces appetite.

Extreme abuse of Adderall in the form of injections or snort drug has also been found. But Adderall has many side effects and high dosage of Adderall can cause cardiac arrests.

Side effects of Adderall

The chemicals present in Adderall causes many side effects even if taken in small quantities. Side effects of adderall may be superficial and less intense, or may be a cause of worry. Some of the side effects are as follows:

  • Nervousness, restlessness, nausea, headache, stomach pain, constipation, loss of Diet, diarrhea and weight Loss
  • Chest pain, breathlessness, seizures, hallucination, fever, changes in vision, itching, hives, etc.

There are many conditions in which a person should not take Adderall. People suffering with epilepsy, psychosis, heart disease, glaucoma, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease should avoid the use of Adderall for any purpose. Before taking Adderall a lot of precaution and care must be taken regarding previous medication and history of diseases. Any misuse or mistake can cause irreversible problems in the body.

In spite of its side effects and warnings, students consider this smart pill very helpful to handle the college pressure. No amount of risk can discourage them from using it non-medically. Almost 30% of college students are found to be using Adderall one or other way. Recent studies have also shown young professionals are resorting to this drug to handle the work pressure. This is reason the use of OTC Adderall supplements has proved very advantageous and has also reduced the risk to health and life.

OTC Adderall Supplements

Adderall is legally not available without a doctor’s prescription. This means it cannot be bought from a store for the purpose of any non medical use. College students therefore, obtain it from patients who get it prescribed or sometimes pay high amounts to buy it illegally.

Illegal procurement may no longer be necessary, as many safe alternatives of Adderall are now available over the counter. They can not only be bought without a prescription, but also have reduced ill side effects. A little study about these OTC supplements can help one find the best alternative for their use. They may be synthetic or natural supplements with similar effects as Adderall but prove to be much less risky as far as side effects are concerned. Some supplements even help in improving brain health rather than leaving it ravaged after long uses of stimulants. Homeopathy has also some forth with supplements that help patients with ADHD or can be taken for cognitive enhancement.

Some supplements are as follows:

Homoepathic Formulae: A combination of some homeopathic medicines can be used to cure different conditions. Hyoscyamus, Tuberculinum, Arsen iod extract and Verta alb are a few medicines can be taken as a combination for different symptoms. The best part here is that there is no need to worry about side effects and a prescription is not required to buy these homeopathic medicines. Any specialized homeopathic store can provide these simple formulae that are very helpful. They can be taken in combination with other medicines without interfering with their effects.

Some other non-prescription alternatives to adderall are as follows:

Piracetam: This is an Adderall supplement that is known to enhance underlying brain power. It is much less toxic and actually helps in improving the brain health by promoting maintenance of neurons.

Aniracetam: This helps in enhancing the actions of vital neurotransmitters in the brains resulting to dramatic memory effects, improved signaling, etc. Aniracetam is very helpful in mood lifting and energy boosting, making it effective for curing depression symptoms and anxiety as well.

Noopept: This has similar effects as Piracetam but with very little dose as it is vastly concentrated. It helps in increasing levels of Nerve Growth Factor as well.

Pramiracetam: Another relative of pircetam, is useful in encouraging cognitive benefits. It acts at a long term basis as well as gives a short term cognitive boost.

Alpha brain: This is a common stack product, which means it is a harmonious combination of different supplements producing various effects for different problems. It can easily be taken as a supplement gives mush better results as compared to Adderall.

Procuring Online

The internet is a very potential marketplace where all types of OTC Adderall supplements can be procured easily. Not only can you buy here, you can also choose what is best for you. Information from around the world, studies about different products and reviews are easily available online. Different websites offer these products with convenient payment options and sale options.

Although extensive information is available about all types of supplements, it is always prudent to get medical advice about any drug taken for any condition.